George Stefanis

The Case of recursive functions in Javascript 14-Dec-2015

Recursive functions are awesome! It’s one of those concepts that make software development magical. The ability to use a function, inside itself even before you complete the implementation, is mind blowing. Also recursive functions are one of the strong points of functional programming, and let's not forget that Javascript is a functional language.

Side projects: From experiment, to idea, to hitting the wall 18-Nov-2015

For the past 6 months I’ve been working on a new side project. It all started when i wanted to learn a bit more about BackboneJS. Even though backbone is very mature, i didn’t have the chance in the past to work a lot with it and i wanted to see what it can do. I also started looking at offline first applications and this is how i got into PouchDB/ CouchDB ecosystem. So here I was, playing with two different technologies at the same time. And then it dawned on me, what if I combine them into something useful, but what?

What is a new project? 05-Nov-2015

Recently I had a conversation regarding a project I'm working on and the potential of adding more members to the (one man) team in order to complete it faster. The project is on top of an existing code base and the point of it is enhancing the existing functionality. The conversation started with estimating the work that needs to be done (Epics in the Agile lingo) in man-hours. After everything was estimated I mentioned that the estimated time should be multiplied by 2 because the new members will have no knowledge of the code base and they will need time to catch-up. I also mentioned that they won't be working on a new project.

Dress code and start-up culture 24-Aug-2015

When I first started looking for a job after university, almost 6 years ago, I was really concerned about how should I get dressed for an interview. Several of my closest friends helped me out and advised me to wear a suit. After all you can't err on the well dressed side of the spectrum. It sounded correct and made sense. The fact that I'm coming with a tie and a suit is a gesture of my respect towards you and your company. Simple. Fast forward 5 years and things are way more complicated!

Chrome Dev tools 101: The Timeline tab 06-May-2015

Most of the web developers I know choose Chrome as the browser of their choice to test their apps, debug and ultimately browse the web. There is a very good reason for that, and the reason is called Dev tools. The dev tools in chrome, along with the many addons, provide the developer with a platform ready to develop, debug and experiment at any time. If you haven't checked the dev tools yet, open your browser and press Alt+Cmd+i on Mac OS (or ctrl+shift+i if you are on windows or linux). You should be able to see something like this:

Creativity vs Adding Business Value. Keeping yourself sane. 08-Apr-2015

Recently I read an article called Don't Call Yourself A Programmer. I have to admit that the article makes some very valid points and also tells some very hard truths. It is supposed to be read by junior developers but i found myself learning and realizing lots. For example the article mentions that most of the software that is being written is for internal business consumption, as something bespoke that helps a small number of users to improve a workflow. It's useful for new people in the industry to know that chances are you won't be working to the next big social media or even to anything that will be used from more than a couple of hundred users. It also reminds its readers that the point is to add business value and save money for the business. After working for almost 6 years in the industry i now know those things but having someone to remind you is somehow depressing.

2014, my year in review. 30-Dec-2014

There is no denying that 2014 was quite the year! Great things happened in the world, like Malala Yousafzai winning the Nobel price award, we landed on an asteroid, Germany won the world cup, we raised awareness for ALS with the Ice bucket challenge and it's the year that the USA and Cuba start thinking of being friends again (or not enemies at the very least). At the same time though it's the year that Ebola became a big problem, ISIS spreading terror through the middle east, Maya Angelou, Robin Williams and other died, two Malaysian Airlines airplanes got lost and Ukraine, Russia and the EU made steps back in terms of peace and friendship.

Web Components: What is shadow DOM and how to use it. 14-Sep-2014

Web Components is a new specification that is a set of four other specifications:

Discourse, breaking UX rules and making me think 29-May-2014

About a week ago i had a small exchange of messages with Jeff Atwood regarding his new start-up Discourse and the forum of my favourite website The Daily WTF. But let me start the story from the beginning.