Why Object.observe is the best feature of ES7 so far


For the past year i've been reading a lot about Object.observe and all the magic it will add in our apps. Very recently though i've read that Chrome will be shipping Object.observe soon. I have no idea how soon though since they need to test the performance more, but it's already available in Chrome Canary and you can start playing right now.

The future of CSS. CSS Shapes and CSS Masking.


Last week i went to a Meetup and watched a great talk by Razvan Caliman, who works for adobe, named The Expressive Web where he talked about several upcoming CSS features. Some of them are already partially supported by modern browsers (no IE8, you are not modern) and some of them are not but are still cool features. Browsers like Chrome Canary or Webkit Nightly support most of these features, so you can play with them there. From all the things he talked CSS Shapes and CSS Masking got my attention.

People don't leave managers, they leave cultures.


I've been reading some articles lately regarding people leaving big corporations. Specifically Jordan Price left Apple and also several people were claiming that you leave managers, not companies. I tend to disagree. People do leave companies "because of bad managers", but a bad manager exists because the company let him/her exist. Companies usually want people that are authoritative, get things done (no matter what the cost) and deliver (i hate the word deliver). The cost for that is that their people skills are poor.

Social media, online friends and staying in touch


I remember the very first years of social media, older people went crazy about them. I was constantly listening to things like "this isn't socializing", "you are missing the point of human interaction" and most commonly "go out and meet your friends instead of talking to them through a computer". That last one is the one that was the biggest fail. What if you can't go out and meet your friends? What if your friends are miles away, into different countries, states, cities? That is the case with most of my friends.

Moving on, with Jekyll


The new year was full of surprises for me. The loss of a loved person can be the instigator for changes in your life. The first change came with moving on to a different house, and that is a glorious moment. Finding a house in London is a riddle these days, especially if you put in perspective the prices, location (London is huge) and friends. But finally i made it, found a place that i liked and start packing my stuff. Packing is a good opportunity for everyone to start throwing away stuff, i just had so many things that i didn't use!! And then it strike me, I need to clean my site as well, through away all the unnecessary stuff, all these things that i don't fully utilize.