Developing front end apps. The tools i use


Front End developing has changed massively the last couple of years. The introduction of amazing JavaScript frameworks, starting from jQuery to Angularjs and Emberjs, gave the developers the ability to create cool apps and rich interfaces very easily and fast. Along with the frameworks came so many tools. I won’t speak for the available tools out there, i’ll just talk about the tools I use. So here they are.

Migrating from Gmail to FastMail


Lately I’ve been having thoughts of leaving Gmail, mostly due to the fact that I didn’t like ads in my email and because the interface was a bit sluggish from time to time. The latest events with NSA spying had an impact too (not that I have anything spectacular in my email, but still). Another important fact is that I already own a domain name (this site) and I’d love to use that email as my personal mail. That way no matter what happens with the service I use, I still have the same email address. After looking around it seemed that FastMail was one of the best options (and cheaper than Google hosting your mail).

Creating a responsive website


Some weeks ago i wrote in twitter that there are no excuses, in this day and age, to have a non responsive website. The web is changing, people are browsing more and more from mobile devices and screen sizes have extreme differences. Me for example, i'm sporting a 23 inch monitor at home, two 20 inch monitors at work and a 4.3'' mobile phone. With all that diversity, a non responsive site makes no sense. So now my site is responsive.

A curious geek: What’s deflation?


Recently I was reading the news and I realized that Greece now has Deflation, aka negative inflation. I was wondering what that means and as it happens, most of my friends work in the finance industry, so I asked them. Two of them just gave me a link from Wikipedia but I’m just too lazy to try and read those technical, complex terms. So my last remaining friend gave an answer that I’d like to share with the rest of the world.

The best quote about success: Don’t try!


A few minutes ago a friend of mine posted something that Charles Bukowski wrote, so I decided to go to Wikipedia (bless thy Wikipedia) and read about his life. Oh by miracle I’ve read one of the most inspiring quotes of my life, so here I share it with you.

Life without a tablet


If you are following me on twitter, and you should, you’ll know that I was thinking of selling my iPad 2 to buy the iPad mini. That crazy idea came to me after playing around with the mini on an Apple store, and realized that the form factor of the mini is simply amazing. So, I did sell my iPad 2 and went running to the closest Apple store, only to find out the there is no stock for iPad minis (16gb wi-fi that is). That was 2 weeks ago.

Horizontal Scrolling, Coda Slider 3 and image maps


Lately I’ve been designing a web site, for a client, that needs to be horizontal scrolling. For those of you who are not familiar, a horizontal web site is one that has all the pages embedded in one, huge, HTML file, separated by DIVs. The scrolling is occurring either by using some JQuery functions of using some library already doing that. We used Coda Slider 3. That site was a bit demanding regarding the design. More specifically the client had specific requirements regarding the position of elements in the page, therefor we went for the option to use an image with the position of elements in the page and use image maps over the image. The problem is though that the image map was “floating” over the page, and since he had one html for all pages and several image maps we were having problems. The maps were not working.

Portfolio for a Developer. Why not?


Not too much time ago, i was reading an article from Jeff Atwood that was talking about Software Developers and their portfolios (the article can be found here). The bottom line of his article was that portfolios is not something that only designers should have, it's something that we, developers, can have. So i decided to create my own portfolio. I pretty sure it's not as exciting, or mind blowing as the portfolio of a graphic designer, or a photographer but heck, it's my work and i like it being there.

How mobile devices and the web saved the day


The story begins two weeks ago. I was on vacation in Berlin and I was having a break from the usual coding routine. I had no PCs with me, only my old faithful iPhone 3GS. Everything was going great until the time I had to come back home. I was flying from Berlin to London with Ryanair. As usual, with low cost airlines, there was a delay of 40 minutes; and the drama started!! By the time I would get in London there wouldn’t be any public transport to take me from the airport to my house. As I result I would have to take a taxi from the airport and pay a premium for that service.

Hello World Wide Web


It has been more than 10 years since I wrote my first line of code and the first line of code I’ve even written was a “Hello world” header in an empty HTML page. Back then, that was a revelation; I could create something. It felt like I commanded my computer to do something for me. That’s how everything begun for me, as a software developer. After that very first hello world everything made sense. I wanted to learn more about software, and write many hello world messages.

That very first Hello World HTML message, back in 1999, had as a result my first homepage. It was a web site that was offering virus removal tools and advices on how to remove viruses from your PC. It was a plain black background, white letters and it was hosted in Geocities (R.I.P). It was amazing! Some years later I stopped updating my website and eventually I lost all track of it.

Now, 14 years later, I have my own website again; this time a little bit more good looking, more than 2 colors and with my own domain name! I feel 15 years old again and I like it. This site is made using Drupal 7, an amazing CMS, and eventually will be a space were I can share my tech thoughts, and small bits of knowledge that I’d like to share with the rest of the world. I hope it will help some people around the world!

So… Hello World!