George Stefanis

Feedback vs Noise 14-Apr-2017

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the concept of feedback. Specifically when the feedback stops being something constructive, that can enable you to grow, and becomes noise.

Empathy at work, lessons from the army 26-Jan-2017

Back in 2008 I was serving in the Greek army. It was a dull and boring period of my life, but not without learnings.

Macbook Pro 2016, one month review 02-Jan-2017

tl;dr: Buy it if you have a laptop before 2015, don't buy it if you have last years Macbook Pro. Also there are cheaper alternatives if you can't justify the steep price point. Overall it's really enjoyable and I like it.

Measuring your value 30-Nov-2016

There are certain types of work out there that you can visibly measure the work you did. When you are writing code you can measure the lines of code you wrote, or if you are more experienced the features you deployed.

Working with (data) driven and talented people 28-Nov-2016

For the past 10 years of my career i’ve been extremely lucky as I worked with some very talented people. In several occasions i felt inspired by the talent my colleagues possessed. Still remember the first intern i worked with and how good she was (she is thriving now), that technical architect in my first job that had all the answers and my amazing colleagues at TransferWise now.

Why frameworks like ReactJS have the HTML in the JavaScript? 06-Oct-2016

TL;DR We keep the html in the javascript prerendered in order to achieve server side rendering and not track change. Makes our lives easier and our software less error prone.

Cowboy Programming 18-Apr-2016

Recently i stumbled on this, fairly, old article from Evan Miller talking about Julia programming language. It’s a nicely written article about the strong parts of Julia and it’s worth your time. Early in his article, Evan, mentions cowboy programming as a method that most developers are using to quickly create something that works. I am doing the same and i bet you do too.

My glasses are from Texas 11-Apr-2016

One of the first things i remember of my self is being really really young (5-6 years old) and sitting very very close to the TV and watching Inspector Gadget. Turns out I was nearsighted. I remember myself wearing glasses since the age of 7. There are no pictures of me without glasses. I kinda like glasses too. The problem is though that my prescription is way too strong, it’s not uncommon for my lenses to cost around the 300£ mark. If you add the frames on that my glasses usually cost anywhere around 400 - 500£. So changing glasses is a rare thing.

Removing a specific commit from Git 08-Apr-2016

Today was one of those days that the team realises that one of the commits, from the past couple of days, was introducing all sorts of side effects. The commit itself was doing some heavy refactoring on a piece of code that wasn’t supported by unit tests, therefore introducing defects. The obvious thing to take from that is that you should ALWAYS have unit tests around your code. If you don’t this is your chance to write them before you refactor. But that’s a story for another day.

Getting Started with React: The very basics 10-Jan-2016

React is a, fairly, new Library created by the awesome people at Facebook. React is an excellent library for creating components and use it as the V in the MVC. React is easy to use all by itself or use it as part of the BackboneJS application, or any other way you fancy. That versatility is what makes React awesome. Also you can create mobile applications using React native, which is really great.