George Stefanis

Features vs Quality


During the early stages of a company the focus is to move fast. It's a matter of survival. The founders have probably left some lofty careers, the money is limited and the competition feels very threatening. In an environment like this, where speed is the name of the game, quality is not exactly the number one priority. To be honest, that's the right approach. A mediocre product that's in front of users now is better that a very well written that never sees the light of the day.

László Moholy-Nagy, the first modern designer?


Recently I was on a trip to New York. One of my first destinations was the Museum of Modern Art, and for a good reason. The MoMA is one of the best museums I've even been (along with Tate Modern in London).

The problem with outsourcing


Today British Airways was all over the news. Fortunately no airplane tragedy happened. Unfortunately an IT tragedy happened. Specifically all systems went down worldwide due to a power supply issue.

Cultural fit is killing your company. Hiring for diversity.


Back in the early 90s a group of experts, led by sociologist James Baron looked through various companies and followed them until the dot com crash in the dawn for the 21st century. They did focus mostly around, how the companies were managing to grow and the strategies they followed.

Feedback vs Noise


Lately I've been thinking a lot about the concept of feedback. Specifically when the feedback stops being something constructive, that can enable you to grow, and becomes noise.

Empathy at work, lessons from the army


Back in 2008 I was serving in the Greek army. It was a dull and boring period of my life, but not without learnings.

Macbook Pro 2016, one month review


tl;dr: Buy it if you have a laptop before 2015, don't buy it if you have last years Macbook Pro. Also there are cheaper alternatives if you can't justify the steep price point. Overall it's really enjoyable and I like it.

Measuring your value


There are certain types of work out there that you can visibly measure the work you did. When you are writing code you can measure the lines of code you wrote, or if you are more experienced the features you deployed.

Working with (data) driven and talented people


For the past 10 years of my career i’ve been extremely lucky as I worked with some very talented people. In several occasions i felt inspired by the talent my colleagues possessed. Still remember the first intern i worked with and how good she was (she is thriving now), that technical architect in my first job that had all the answers and my amazing colleagues at TransferWise now.

Why frameworks like ReactJS have the HTML in the JavaScript?


TL;DR We keep the html in the javascript prerendered in order to achieve server side rendering and not track change. Makes our lives easier and our software less error prone.